Customized &
Dedicated Offices
For Rent with
No Lock-in

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Customized &
Dedicated Offices!

Discover How We Transform Ordinary Offices
Into Tailored Spaces That Suit Your Unique
Vision And Needs. Explore The Art Of
Customization Like Never Before!!

Customized and Dedicated Offices

Your Dedicated Office Comes with

Customized and Dedicated Offices

Meeting Rooms

Shared Meeting Rooms are generally not available when you want them but are available when you don’t need them!

Customized and Dedicated Offices

Access Control

Nobody will walk through your work floor. You have your dedicated access-controlled space and others have theirs!

Customized and Dedicated Offices

LAN & Internet

Why share the Network & Internet and invest into Data Security. Just have a dedicated one & have a peace of mind!

Rent a Private Office Space
Designed by You

Customized and Dedicated Offices
Define Your Office
Space Requirement
Let us know the number of workstations, meeting rooms, cabins and other space like Pantry, Storage, Training, etc.
Customized and Dedicated Offices
Get Office Layouts &
Unlimited Revisions
Our In-House Design Team will make layouts in just 24 hours as per your requirement with unlimited revisions.
Customized and Dedicated Offices
Select Your Furniture
& Wall Colours
Visit our Experience Center to view our sample walls & furniture and select your Furniture & Walls Colours.
Customized and Dedicated Offices
We will build your
Office in 2 Weeks!
As soon as your conclude the layout and we will build your office in just 2 weeks with our In-House Projects Team.

Premium Offices
with Glass Walls

Visit our Experience Center in HSR
Layout, Bangalore to visualize your
Private Office before you rent your
office space from us, customized
specifically for you.

Dedicated Managed Office Space
Dedicated Managed Office Space
Dedicated Managed Office Space
Dedicated Managed Office Space
Dedicated Managed Office Space

Our Amenities are meant only for our tenants, so you will always get to use them when you want.

Customised & Dedicated Offices

About us

CRE Spacez specializes in the Office Space Real Estate Industry, both in India and the US. CRE Spacez India provides Customized & Dedicated Private Managed Offices on rent with No Lock-in to its tenants. We design & build the offices precisely as per tenant requirements. The offices provided on rent are available 24/7 and fully managed by CRE wherein the tenants pay a fixed monthly rental which includes the utility bills, housekeeping, repairs & maintenance, security, etc. We have built an Experience Center in HSR Layout, Bangalore for our clients..

Get a Customized & Dedicated Private Managed Office

Just take the space you need and in the manner you need today. You can always take more space or change the layout any time to any type. You will always have this flexibility with us.

Ready to get started?

Tell us about your office space requirement, and we’ll build it up for you

Visit our Experience Center in HSR Layout, Bangalore to get your Private Office.

Customized and Dedicated Offices

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